Under this complex name it hides something very simple to understand, a new propulsion system improving one we already know.

To find out which is the HERTS or Heliopause Electrostatic Rapid Transit System must think and remember an old concept called solar sail propulsion.

As you know because I have explained, the stars ejected material from its outer layers. This is like a wind that can be exploited in the same way that, on Earth, sailboats advantage winds (which is, basically), as a push to the ship itself.

Solar sails would use the material of the stars and their currents to push the ship practically without expense (I do not care to use photons, which put a laser or using the plasma of the star).

The HERTS is an evolution of solar sails taking advantage of another feature that few had thought that any star (and planet) gives us the magnetic field.

If we were able to take advantage of the magnetic field generated by our sun or each of the planets push mode we could accelerate a lot faster drawing object or plasma Photons that the star ejected). And that is the HERTS.

Using basic electromagnetism we all know, if we “hairs” (filaments of small thickness) that revolve around an object’s magnetic field by passing can be used as push luck, moreover, it is much more efficient. That is, these are the loads (these hairs) generate an electrostatic force to reverse magnetic field of the star or planet and therefore, generates movement.

Estimates are 100 AU (astronomical units, 1,496e + 10 kilometers) in just 10 years. The distance traveled by the Voyager 1 in 30 years.

The problem is that each of those hairs should be at least 20 kilometers and finer than 1 millimeter thick, in addition to being electrically charged (obviously, otherwise, magnetism no “hooks”). But that, for now, is the lesser evil.

Although you may not believe, it is being tested and is in Phase II (we will make real tests), so we can see an example before long flying time.

Who was going to tell lovers of solar sails, their technology, their idea could be improved and progress; and above all, who would tell them that they would see a functional example before long.

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