NGC 2903

The galaxy NGC 2903 that you see in the image, is one of the most famous galaxies and known to amateur astronomers in the Northern Hemisphere because it is the “best looking” because it is the brightest overnight.

About 25 million light-years away, 80 thousand light years in radius (as you can see is almost circular) and crowning the constellation Leo is characterized by its shape, which seem inverted question marks (making it easy to recognize through any telescope).

In the picture you can see clumps of gas (in the blue zones) marching towards a pink / yellow center where hot gas is observed and therefore newly formed stars.

The luminous center is formed by stars forming and exploding stars, hence having that curious and characteristic shine. In addition, stars die, the gas condenses, ionizes and heats, shining, something that helps obviously the center shine much.

This galaxy is what is considered a galaxy nanny because it is not only young but is an important and interesting source of star formation for study.

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