M82 cigar filaments

As on Earth we have the jet streams or jetstreams due to the rotation, the temperature of the winds, seas and solar incidence, in space there are “like” things.

In the Hubble image I present today, the M82 galaxy, cigar named for its elongated shape because the M81 (next to M82) galaxy has gravitationally pulled her leaving her that way; if you look there are two areas of “red” gas (remember that it is colored, which is an image with infrared part) leaving the center without much explanation … (gravitationally speaking).

Well, it is thought, it is believed, it is rumored, that these areas of hydrogen gas projected hot (hence its color, false color) are due to stellar winds that are creating the stars of this galaxy. That is, the gas swarming or is expelled for different stars to die is pushed by the stellar wind created by all the stars you have around you, stronger than the gravitational pull itself generated.

Because of the thrust, the gas is ionized and heated, giving the texture and color (remember that is infrared) you see.

All this has been taken out because if you observe the “red” gas you will see that consists of filaments instead of being a “mazacote” solid, which gives us an idea being pushed by something, like clouds and also so irregular (like clouds). Hence the walk thinking what I have told you.

This gas extends 12 thousand light (yea, 12,000 light years!) of a galaxy is 15 million light years from here for years.

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