But as you know and I tell you, yesterday there was a major eclipse visible only in the southern hemisphere. To be exact, in French Polynesia.

An eclipse is simply blocking the vision of a body by another. Yesterday, the solar eclipse was the Moon that “I cover” the sun.

And this, that now neither be surprised nor be scared or you think magic or anything of gods is a very interesting and pretty physical match.

In the rest of the solar system, when eclipses, the celestial body that cover the other it does with perfection happens to the Earth, Moon and Sun occur.

Curiously, the Moon is a fair and adequate distance to cover virtually all of the Sun, as seen from Earth and / or the sun is just the right size to be covered with the size of the Moon from Earth.

Of all sizes, all shapes, all distances, is very curious that just have that chance, that everything works and go … consistently.

Eclipses, or at least from Earth, are used (as they block much of the incoming sunlight) to study the sun’s corona. Because we only see that part, we can see the composition, as ejects the coronal mass (the Sun) or electromagnetic spittoons even see it.

At other times, for example with the New Horizon probe, the eclipse was used to test the atmosphere of Pluto.
That is, it, eclipses to despise what we do not see and to study (and analyze) without interference certain issues of different celestial bodies.

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