50 years of humanism

There is a basic rule of the creators of Star Trek, humanism.

Against liberalism that now governs our society, the Star Trek series contains a philosophy called humanism that some have confused with communism.

With a frontal attack on extreme liberalism of Ayn Rand, Gene Roddenberry think this series and this idea based on human beings in an years (60th) where the attack on those who thought differently was front.

In their stories, the world, a united world where all races, all creeds and where, above all, religion had no place and if science, I remodelo the minds of many offering a hopeful future that lasts since.

Actions as the first interracial kiss, a crew where Americans and Russians were united (with Chinese), laws based on reasoning prevails where human beings were innovative.

Unfortunately, Manichaeism people and leaders have put them very much against these ideas but the main idea, its base, its source continued.

Star Trek is not futuristic fantasy, science fiction is scientific consultants who make and what appears to be a real scientific basis. In fact, many of the items displayed, either by the science behind either for humanity that wants that future, have become small realities.

Star Trek is not a series, not a fantasy, it is a common way of thinking of many people and hope for a united future of humanity that many wish and desire.

This year marks the 50th anniversary is met and hence a new movie is released in July.

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