Supernova explosion

The image you see is SN2016adj, a supernova that exploded recently in the Centauri A galaxy, known as NGC 5128.

Although you may not believe, all eyes are on Earth this phenomenon. Mainly because this galaxy is very close to us (14 million light years).

And will wonder. As if to make up your ass out of here, what’s so interesting that when they explode supernova lots a day ?. Well, as you see in the image the supernova is surrounded by (the black in the image, go) cosmic dust and also as you know if I’m still here, a sheet I give, is that when a supernova explodes the outer layers of the extrella with heavy materials are ejected at high speed. Now if we add heavy materials Star with heavy materials dust that surrounds have a shock wave of material moving through the universe.

That is, and giving back on Earth have certain materials that any chemical you can say, in the upper area of ​​the periodic table. heavy materials. How have come here as many of them, “rare find” ?. It is assumed that one reason is precisely this. Exploding stars and its sweep takes in the middle shit between stockings that comes to us.

So this explosion is so important because we can indicate as certain heavy materials have come to our planet or whether this theory about how they got is valid and how much material is exchanged between different systems. In addition, it can help us to review what the speed of the solar wind (the solar wind is nothing more than electromagnetic thrust due to coronareas ejections).

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