Gravitational waves on TV

This morning as I becomes a person with my first dose of coffee, I have been pleasantly surprised to see the news (the news, come on) and observe information 10 seconds on the press conference that will guys LIGO about gravitational waves.

Once converted himself, when he went to work has given me to think of the news itself. Obviously, I was me has been very low, especially when 10 seconds 5 have been music and images without content, but … have you thought about the poor journalist who had to summarize that for a prior?.

There are two possibilities:

1. The journalist had no fucking idea (normal). So I imagine him sitting at his terminal with the video track 10 seconds wondering: “what the hell I explain I do not understand?” … Because gravitational waves have a crumb.

2. The journalist is specialized in science and “something you know”. So, in front of his terminal with the video track 10 seconds (empty) you ask, “and how the f*uck will explain this for someone to understand?”. Because, friends, your target audience precisely advanced physics poorly understood and is more or less what happens to me every day when “I tell you things that I give a shit” (and physics is not it a crack despite that my branch).

Think about the words you use to explain to a man 60 years old carajillo sovereign or a kid whose maximum is going to work in Campofrio and that is the most sucking on your life issues in quantum mechanics, energy, wave propagation and, above all, possible uses of “it” is … complicated … and more in 10 seconds.

Surely, in the end, it has been the case 1 (MULTI journalist who does not understand anything and understands all), but also consider the case 2 is a fun mental exercise.

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