As I have already said many times, what you see in the picture is no areas without many stars as around areas but cosmic dust absorbing the backlight and create those “black” areas.

Cloud LDN 988, about 2200 light-years, no such cosmic dust condensation inside can only be seen by infrared and when there is so much concentration of something, gravity will know that their “first steps”.

In fact within this cloud they are creating stars at close range, since material is what is left.

The celestial location of LDN 988 is in the constellation Cygnus. In fact, LDN 988 is a wing and, for those unable to find with the naked eye in the sky, is located in the plane of the Milky Way. Remember that it is only visible from the Northern Hemisphere.

According to mythology, the Cygnus represents Zeus in its transformation into the bird as long as a human link (to Zeda specifically) from which came Helen of Troy.

The fact is that the constellation Cygnus is made up of very young areas (astronomically speaking) and is a breeding ground for new stars. Who was going to tell our ancestors, who sought things known in the stars, they were watching something so beautiful ?.

In the end, our history, our life, we, we are linked with what surrounds us: the universe. We are part of the (we are stardust) already referred to as a friend, a colleague. Some with the shit of religion, other science.

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