All the colors of the Sun

It is time to put something a little more “physical” about the boobs I usually count every day and that is, the image you see may be called “all the colors of the Sun”.

Because everyone will have done (I hope) the experiment in which poses a ray of light through a prism mode of decomposition in their primary colors and I have explained, with this experiment that light is a wave with all that entails.
The fact is that if we do well that experiment and observe the wavelengths exiting the prism see that there are “holes” or some lengths power is greater than the other.

Why?. For even we do not know, that’s the beauty of science, there are things that are not known and that they have to find (not like religion who knows everything and whose answer always ends with “God”).

The good, the scientist, the interesting thing to get the spectrum of light is that we know the composition of light and creator of this mode is used to find the composition of other stars. The only thing that can “know” is that the lines are missing, the missing colors, is by absorption of certain materials. What are all? It is precisely what is still unknown.

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