January 2016


Sure you remember when I have said that the earth is round. Then, over time, they tell you is not round, but potato-shaped due to the rotation of the same. […]


Today, thanks to the headache that I have for studing so much, I will be brief. As you know (or not) does nothing during early February and the planets will […]


Tadpole Nebula, IC 410, named after the shape of the gas energy form. 10 light years in size was formed 4 million years ago and is about 10 thousand light […]


I guess I always remember that usually talk about the aurora, but never speak to you color them. Quickly, auroras are caused by the Earth’s magnetic field (in our case) […]


As I have already said many times, what you see in the picture is no areas without many stars as around areas but cosmic dust absorbing the backlight and create […]


Many of you know the Big Dipper, the car, as some call it. Many think this way is because it is a constellation, but it is not. The Big Dipper […]