Rainbow clouds

When I was young until it hated race electromagnetism. Even in the race itself, the subject that I did not much introduction for me love this facet of science. Fortunately, then, to understand that all are waves and energy made me see it with new eyes, eyes that have made me like it.

Electromagnetism learn that everything is a wave spectrum and some have receptors for “viewing” (or hear or feel them) and others not.

The waves are a wonderful thing with almost magical properties as you can see in the picture. Clouds over Thamserku showing the full spectrum of colors.
Because remember that clouds are nothing but water drops, moisture floating. Water as prisms, causes the spectrum of visible light (which consists of wavelengths because it is electromagnetism) is dispersed and hence are white (cool huh?).

Well, if the water is very condensed, very thence rough, light scattering lengths showing all is not “as good” and make these effects. This, coupled with the diffraction of light and the sun’s position (for the light falling on them) can create effects to the human eye, remember, very interesting and beautiful.

Formerly I say it’s magic, religion or gods, today we know that just is science and nature.

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