The little Earth from Saturn

We are normally very used to seeing other stars, planets or elements of the universe from the perspective of our planet. Obviously, we live in and that, in principle, is where we have our “devices” to see.

Carl Sagan, the old Voyager I, achieving that NASA would turn the probe to observe from afar the little blue dot. In fact, it had to retouch the image due to the aberrations of the Sun and by way of being able to see, in the tangle to Earth.

After that iconic picture, other probes have performed the same feat, photographing Earth from afar as the image I show. The Earth and the Moon from Cassini at Saturn. Anyone who understands a bit of digital photography will find that the image is greatly enlarged and that since there is not much to see us. And, so far, we are still a small blue dot through the sea is almost 70% of which covers the Earth, similar to the amount of water that the human body., About 75% (curious, true?).


The funniest photo I show is that that same day, July 16, 2013, at the same time Cassini to a photo of the Earth, hundreds of humans made pictures to Saturn as it was one of the best days to observe the hexagon of Saturn located at the north pole of the planet.

The hexagon of Saturn is a curious Hurricane perennial streams generated gas planet that has the shape of an almost perfect hexagon and, within it, fit around almost 5 Earths.

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