November 2015


Galaxies, star clusters such very great, gases and dust are considered as small islands in the vast universe. An example is the NGC 1365 of 60 million 200 thousand light […]

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Caronte (Charon for English speakers) is one of the major moons of Pluto, named after the boatman coming from Greek mythology and has not been photographed until this year by […]


Although it may seem strange to many of us like to live or at least spend some time on the space station, not only because we like the space, but […]


We are normally very used to seeing other stars, planets or elements of the universe from the perspective of our planet. Obviously, we live in and that, in principle, is […]


Cobos, my former professor of Mechanics and Waves I would fill several boards to explain why the orbits are elliptical and as such, represent the minimum energy of an object […]