Walking into the space

The June 3, 1965 the astronaut Edward White became the first American spacewalk (the Russians had done so earlier, in March of the same year by cosmonaut Alexei Leonov).

This photo was taken by James McDivit from the Gemini 4.

The interesting thing is that in your hand is the first gadget to maneuver in space, a gas pistol that was emptied after three minutes of use. All failure, but that is learned.

Even worse was what happened to Alexei Leonov as they had not taken account of the pressure difference and his suit went out, it began to swell. While you almost exploded in the vacuum of space. Alexei Leonov tube to open a valve and drain of the gas to try to equalize the pressures.

This helped them learn to pressurize the suit before every ride and therefore, what you see in the movies of the suit and put out a lie because it takes about 10-20 minutes to go into space.

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