The image you see, though, called cosmological tears (by the way), I prefer to call drops life.

Why the name (both documents) is very interesting. These drops or tears are nothing but clouds (ionized) gas condensing hot. The image you see is the size of our entire solar system.

In a few thousand years, the gas and dust collapse gravitationally and create new planets. Hence I call them “creators of life.”
These “drops” can be seen in the constellation of Orion, a region, not because they put things here every other day, this trite. They are in an area called “trapezoid” that are nothing more than the famous stars of the constellation (forming a trapezoid that way). Come on, the center, the belt.

The scientific name of these drops are proplyds (“protopildoras” in spanish, if I remember correctly) that comes from protoplanets.

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