October 2015

Jupiter red spot

The Great Red Spot of Jupiter continues to shrink in size. This curious meteorological phenomenon that brings us accompanying lifetime (since it takes seeing Jupiter and was) apparently is declining […]


An image of our Sun in ultraviolet band is a very curious and pretty picture. You can see clearly the ejection of material in the crown as this material, the […]


A Dyson sphere, some experts say, which is what you see in the star KIC 8462852. In this star has been apart of a planet orbiting (for the Keppler satellite), […]


Ceres and Vesta, two asteroids are located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter in size “unusual”. They are so big that it has named them. Vesta is one […]


Other times I have spoken of cosmic dust. Cosmic dust is, as the name suggests, tiny particles of size 0.1 mm peak material expelled by stars (among other things). Mainly […]


The June 3, 1965 the astronaut Edward White became the first American spacewalk (the Russians had done so earlier, in March of the same year by cosmonaut Alexei Leonov). This […]


We think we know everything. We believe that with the telescopes and satellites in orbit have everything in sight, we can see and know the whole universe, but the truth […]