I know that no one longer remembers the Mir, the first space station in orbit around Earth.

Mir became operational in 1986 and ended his life in 1996. 10 years of scientific experiments.

In 1997, the Mir suffered a serious fire, which made me think that it was time to retire her, something that happened in 2001 to drop it into the atmosphere of the Earth to disintegrate.

Although it was intended in principle and Russian station, did the dirty money in the end became the beta of the international space station to be open to all countries willing to cooperate.

While it was meant for 3 people, it could accommodate a maximum of 6 (like the ISS, International Space Station, but this can have a maximum of 8 Out).

At the time of American collaboration, it was common for the shuttles were coupled as the Atlantis, pictured in 1996.

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