Is alive

Few days (Monday) ago NASA gave a press conference days before had announced as “the most important in the world” announcing not only the existence of liquid water on Mars but explaining one of the most interesting and mysterious phenomena that planet, strange grooves on the slopes of the crater Hale (yes, almost like the game).

It is well known that what is more has been the joke of the glass of water on the Mars bar, which tells us what really matters to people that discovery.

Without being part of the group of NASA I will try to explain a little more having this as important.
Mars, a planet virtually rather than flattened at the poles like Earth, indicating that the gravity of the Sun and Jupiter will influence enough (has an eccentricity practically 0) is considered a long dead planet. A dead planet is not one who has no life, but who has no geological activity inside (which is very different). It was thought that some time in their existence could contain an atmosphere and the most important for life, water in its liquid form running surface element, but because of its small size and that it was thought that its core was practically stopped, magnetosphere was not big enough to stop ejections from the Sun and its severity dwarf had missed the atmosphere of CO2 (although the now compose 90%) and water vapor which had allowed to cool and stay as it is, a terroir.

Images taken and explained the other day indicate otherwise. Finding himself slopes of falling water at low temperatures (remember, there’s less pressure-half that here, and therefore less heat is needed for something this liquid) indicates that water has to come from somewhere and the only place because no polar cap that crater is inside the planet.

It is, below we see if there are convection and convection indicates that the core is alive. And therefore, the planet is alive with what, can hold even more natural life.

Now we have to see the composition of the water, if you have sales (and incidentally know that this compound Mars below), measure how often comes out and does not leave the water to see geosísmicos cycles of the planet and check lest life not superficial san as formerly thought (fortunately, this is changing thanks to Europe).

We still have much to learn before sending the first there, about 2026-2030. We are one of the funniest moments in space history.

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