A Dyson world

A Dyson sphere, some experts say, which is what you see in the star KIC 8462852. In this star has been apart of a planet orbiting (for the Keppler satellite), strange light changes, not known they can be.

That is, when differences are sought exoplanets in star light looking through looking at
them a long time (for that this Keppler). The funny thing is that in this very strange star have seen changes in brightness that do not match a planet and it has become something many flies.

So many have come to the fore ideas, each more strange and highlighting is that it could be a Dyson sphere.

For those who have not played Star Trek Online, a Dyson sphere is a stellar dimensional structure surrounding a star in order to get all the radiation is emitted.

In principle, a coherent for a civilization for energy, but it has great and serious problems of implementation and not only for the necessary material (which is plenty) but because to build a material that, at least not known is necessary thought for us, an incredible hardness. Mainly by gravity to which the area would be subject, so big that no known material that supports it.

But probably (and it is my opinion) life outside our planet is very common, many (myself included) we doubt that’s a Dyson sphere and if, as others walk thinking, simple powder of a solar system where collided different elements. Come on, that is powder, although many people say that by the age of this star can not.

The underlying idea is that as there are many wandering planets (planets that have come out of orbit for various reasons and roaming the universe, going without tandem star-planet) one, which meteorite giant size, I go into orbit KIC 8462852 colliding with any of its planets and creating a sizable debris.

Other, more fanciful, think about things like that occurred on one of the moons of Qo’nos (Praxis) that a mine exploded, causing, in one of the temporary lines of Star Trek, the Klingon had to ask for peace with the Federation. Come on, I think it may be due to dust explosion of a planet by aliens (with all that means).

Whatever it is, although there is insufficient information and the human being is quite fanciful.

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