Horsehead nebula

Infrared images, those taken in the infrared spectrum over the visible spectrum, to contain valuable information about the objects. And no, it is not the shit ends appearing in films since the infrared radiation is divided into 3 sublevels.

The case, and without going around the bush, is that photos taken in the infrared give much information about the objects, their shapes and contours. Come on, that are very useful in astronomy.

Therefore, the picture today is simply put the horse nebula (the famous) taken by infrared colors and distorted so that you do not panic at the sight. This image can see, very clearly, the clouds of gas and cosmic dust so if not, could not see.

Nebula “horse head” is the constellation of Orion, where are the Orions from Star Trek. One based on feminism and domination by pheromones of females over males, although it seems that females are enslaved race. The Orions color is green.

As I was saying, as the infrared image is and what it depends on temperature is (yes, it’s true) horse head nebula is easily distinguished from hot gas supermassive located at the bottom left.

Emphasize that just what is above the famous nebula, red, gas concentration and is probably creating a new star (you know, gravity gives gas more stars).
Ah! and if you do not see the head, it is in the upper right part.

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