The image you see is Jupiter’s satellite Europa taken by the Galileo for 8 years (yes, 8 years). A satellite / planet silicon compound and a ferrite core, mainly with a layer of ice 100 km or so.

Below this layer it is believed that there is a core filled with mineral sea salt.

It is assumed that the spoil of the sea is in liquid form due to it being the core of ferrous material and, as detected Galileo has magnetosphere (c’mon, magnetic field), their interaction with Jupiter and, thanks to its orbit, its core has motion (similar to the tides and the moon), so that this movement generates friction and heat.

The curious thing about Europe are those brands you see red on its surface (which is flat, almost) containing ice, shit (if shit, poop) and ferrous (hence its color) elements.

2020 (more or less) you want to send probe JUICE (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer) with which you want to make a hole and into the sea to look for organic compounds (come on, life).

For now, in what is still investigating we can stay with the beautiful image we have of her.

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