A beautiful cone

In the image at the same time pretty strange shapes are. It is gas and dust. And thanks to the seriousness of the existing stars, dust and gas are concentrated in certain areas by creating new stars. Besides, not only the gas but form new stars, like our sun spits happens when plasma, also the gas expelled by some super hot stars attached to the gas and dust that surrounds the human eye creates wonderful structures.

This is what is observed around the star S Monocerotis (commonly called S Mon). In fact, the light from this star is so strong (and the radiation emitted) that blue you see is the reflection of the emitted by it. Curious, is not it ?. Because the gas behaves like a lake of water, which can also be observed in Saturn’s rings that reflect and refract light through them.

S Monocerotis is located about 2800 light-years (middle distance) in the constellation Unicorn (Monoceros for friends, hence the name of the star).

Also important to emphasize the figure you see to the left of the cone-shaped image that is not yet explained why. There are theories that suggest that a star that area, to expel the plasma at high speeds and said plasma find another star like that genre, other theories say it is black powder (any) and others speak of a curious coincidence gravitational the area that has led to this curious aspect.

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