September 2015


The image you see is Jupiter’s satellite Europa taken by the Galileo for 8 years (yes, 8 years). A satellite / planet silicon compound and a ferrite core, mainly with […]


How they feed astronauts on the ISS (International Space Station ?. For every 3 months are sent food, supplies (parts), water and new experiments in capsules unmanned Soyuz calls or […]

from Instagram:

from Instagram:


Those that we have been a turning the meteorology as a science that studies the movement of gases in our atmosphere (a branch of physics) we always liked the mountains […]


In the image at the same time pretty strange shapes are. It is gas and dust. And thanks to the seriousness of the existing stars, dust and gas are concentrated […]


The other day I told the subject of eclipses and how to apply to meet not only the atmosphere of planets but also the crown or composition of the upper […]