The Pillars of Creation

The star cluster M16, part of the Eagle Nebula is famous and made famous by the Hubble image: Pillars of Creation.
This image, taken by Hubble in 2007 was, along with the famous image of the galaxy hat, one of the most famous telescope.

It was taken after repair and improvement in the ACS (one of the tools for viewing one type of longitude wave, the red color). If you want more information.

As I said, the “Pillars of Creation” are nothing but clouds of interstellar hydrogen gas and dust. His name is not in gods or no shit like that, but that is the basic component in the creation of new stars, are the pillars on creating stars. And in fact, they have taken part in the stars you see in the image.

The gas in these pillars is so dense so dense that its own gravity causes it to collapse and create the stars (as a curiosity). In each of the ends, the radiation is so strong (and is where stars are being created or where new stars are themselves) that pushes the gas and makes it shine as compresses reaching very high temperatures.

Unfortunately the stars are “so new” that even even emit X-rays. The Pillars of Creation are about 7000 light years away from here.

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