Perseid is now tears of Lawrence

Today you will be to cap hear in the media the theme of “tears of St. Lawrence”, misnamed and Dred by the Christian sect, as always in the case of empowering terms “pagans” to make them his own and trying to remove all traces of previous term, or “Perseids” Perseus and which, curiously, is in the constellation (the Perseus) where you can or has been observed mostly flow.

Remember, although the Christian sect has invented a whole series of coincidences (they are the tears of this man when precisely they ajusticiaron that day, interestingly, more curious and welcoming tale curiosity), his real name is Perseids because the constellation Perseus.

So you know like religions in the case of old terms be enshrined in society assuming they were the creators by repeating the same lie for long. Lease, christmas (winter holidays), the turn of the year (this is obvious), Easter (spring solstice or spring festival and distributing “his saints” whose information is anything but accurate and, if possible there little data to verify what the key dates in other parties or events.

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