August 2015


Alpha Leonis, better known as Regulus A (I know someone who knows and remembers an area in Star Trek Online game called so, just this star) is the brightest star […]


Although you may not believe, what appears in the picture is dust. There is an area in the sky, called Barnand 68 where, within it there so much space dust […]

Cloud Of Magellan

The constellation of Magellan was one of the constellations used (and it is assumed that discovered) by the famous seafarer Ferdinand Magellan or Ferdinand Magellan, Portuguese by birth but serving […]


The star cluster M16, part of the Eagle Nebula is famous and made famous by the Hubble image: Pillars of Creation. This image, taken by Hubble in 2007 was, along […]


I’m usually quite heavy with auroras (here known as the aurora borealis), phenomena of the planet’s magnetosphere (in our case the Earth) against the electrically charged particles from the sun. […]


Many people has always been speculation about life on Mars. And we know (from the Earth itself and where this life on our planet) that life tends to flourish and […]


I admit that I really like to put images of the Milky Way from Earth mainly because people do not look at the sky and see what we have on […]


Better known as the ring galaxy (guess why) the galaxy AM 0644-741 lies about 300 million light years from here the star clusters formed after a collision with another galaxy. […]