Cosmic rays

Here, I have spoken of supernova explosions, expulsions material of stars, wavelengths and shits like these. Although I have not talked about is how you create, not those materials, but something to pray very often “cosmic rays”. But what the hell are cosmic rays that so scary that when you go to space are all the movies and as the evil devil?.

Cosmic rays are nothing but high-energy radiation (to give you an idea, if you put in front of the apparatus X on rays during several years of continuous) resulting from explosions of stars go when they bang and become supernovas.

They are little shotgun pellets (pellet such) proton compounds (mostly) and other core elements (apart from neutrons are smaller things) traveling at nearly the speed of light. Thus, in the space they are very bad, because a pellet carbine is bad, but many do you pupa and more especially at that rate. Remember that Einstein (E = mc ^ 2) to approach the speed of light, have more “mass”.

These cosmic rays, these protons, tend to emit radiation that is measured or known X-ray form (hence the photos put other times) or dangerous gamma rays. Actually, these types of energy depend on the source (pum star that have left).

So “cosmic rays” at the end are nothing more than the content of exploding supernovae (or stars that make pum) and dust and solar mass that these released when change state or die traveling to “almost” speed light in the universe.

For those who are looking for an umbrella to lead way to protect them, indicate that our atmosphere is a magnificent shield that does not let virtually none (but, for gamma rays would not live … nothing). The discovery of cosmic rays was in the early twentieth century (in 1910 or so, I do not remember, sorry) by balloons flying high (much much) and in the upper layers of the atmosphere, having less atmosphere and therefore protection over, let go a few.

All this is known thanks to the ACE, the Progress Composition Explorer satellite, something old.

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