August 2015


Andromeda. The closest to our galaxy and star of Star Trek Online to have a Dyson sphere where Iconians moved to rebuild its fleet. Galaxy called M31 for friends. It […]


This image is not science fiction or computer or anything similar is created. This image is a region of the Sun, where hydrogen magnetic tubes that give that particular look […]


There is an absurdity saying that there are three days that shine more than anything a year. I prefer to say that there are two stars that are seen at […]


Antares, is super red giant that is one of the most glittering in the sky in the constellation Scorpius. So much of its brightness and color, at night can be […]


Here, I have spoken of supernova explosions, expulsions material of stars, wavelengths and shits like these. Although I have not talked about is how you create, not those materials, but […]