The Perseid meteors

In late July, early August every year, there is a phenomenon called “Perseids”.

The Perseids is nothing but a meteor shower in orbit in our solar system whose orbit coincides with Earth.
Although the period is long, it is a fact that happens every year for 15 days although there is a week where it is more common (maximum activity, come on).

This makes the meteor shower, in the northern hemisphere, most famous.

The Perseids are debris from a comet, let the “poo” of the, 109P / Swift-Tuttle with an orbit of 140 years (if I remember correctly). The shit out of him when he approaches the sun, the temperature of this makes cooked, are small meteorites that orbit the sun and have approximately 1 year orbit. Come on, poop comet orbit and one year passes by Earth. To summarize.

Although this year is expected for August 10 (I think, do not do me much attention), it is a good time to go out and see the fall of “shooting stars”.

If that is not a drop “jet” as advertised and have, not falling like there’s no tomorrow (or in movies) but not bad for those wanting to learn more.

In the picture, from July, one taken from the ISS, but it’s cool to see it from there (who can).

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