Today I will talk about a fictitious particles called phonons.

Phonons themselves are not particles do not exist, something virtual. It is far more than a wave, the vibration of the atoms. This vibration, as is transmitted to adjacent atoms, called phonon.

Why it phonons? as with any wave, it goes a long way. It explains (from a quantum point of view) as energy and heat is transmitted in solids. And when I talk about energy, its main idea is sound (so called phonons).

That is, it is a quantum mathematical explanation of how it is transmitted whatever within a material. Something any physical materials specialist you might say.

Remember atoms, whether as standard are always vibrating at different levels. Come on, move series and move as measured by phonons. According as the atoms are moving materials in various forms, Einstein Bose cube, solid, liquid, gas, plasma.

In fact, it is assumed that the cube contains Bose Einstein phonons and the liquid contains a “phonon gas” for indicating that atoms vibrate in all directions.

It seems that as a wave, it has been discovered that has all the properties of waves and therefore can be manipulated to use the properties of waves in our favor and that no energy is wasted in heat. Something very curious.

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