Linkedin faces

There’s two common things on Linkedin network that I true hate:

Your profile photo

Yes, I hate your profile photo. I hate your suit photo. You, yes you, you never go on suit everywhere. At last, you haven’t any suit. So, if you want to look like a serious and formal type, shopped a picture of a wedding where you go (can be yours) and cut off her hand it looks like a suit.

So, what are you doing to put that picture?. Tricking people. Apparently what you’re not. Because you’re not going “in costume” (except for the interview, what to look like you’re not) to your job.

The best thing to do in the photo of your resume or Linkedin or any social network is to show you how you are directly. Maybe that’s why I have the picture of the open mouth, although many recruiters have told me that “should get a more serious picture”. But sorry, I am a funny; and who should hire me know, I’m mediterranean, that’s the way I am.

Numbers in your name

Hey friend, Linkedin is not a race. You think that you must show your contacts numbers like your presentation card. If you have lot of contacts are you a best person or most suitable for “a job”?. I don’t think so.

I hate people who put their contacts number on his name. You feel as if you contact them for what they have and not for what they are. It’s something that we must eliminate. Boast the contact number is believed one star twitter and you know twitter stars are smoke.

So, if you are not smoke, don’t put it, please.

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