A curious experience

Today I have a really curious experience. A really curious experience looking for a new job. I was on holidays when I recive a message from a recuitment from a “very big corporation” who request my CV for a “looking for a job in a Global Corporation”.

After sending my CV to the recuitment they agree to phone me when I arrive from my holidays. My first impresion was that he doesn’t really know what the work is and, after talking to him they realice that I will do a “face to face” with someone with “rimbomband” sound (something like evangelist or all this shit that sounds very bad to me for really what it means).

Of course I agree. I have nothing to loose and lot to win. An oportunity is always an oportunity and you never know… but as I always do, I have do a little research about the company and about the people who I meet in those “face to face” (I think he took this name to scare me or something).

I meet him (they, it’s a better way) in a local hotel (hey! a Intenational Company seeking for people on a small town!) with the promise that all my questions about the job will be answered, but what I encounter was a battery of questions like an exam.

Remember, when an interviewer are asking you technical question like “tell me in this sentence what is wrong” they are looking for something called in spanish “pajillero” (jack off man). And if this Company is a Consultant you are dammit. So, when I see all the things that the recuitment tells me are not right I change my estrategy.

I was begin been a kind person but after that type of question looking for the “right word” I preffer to be a “dumb one”. I doesn’t remember anything, I got curious blank mind and I don’t know nothing about… whatever you like. I’m not the person they are looking for.

There was some times on the interview that I wanted to answer: “hey!, you are from a big company and I tell you a great secret… there’s something called Google, where something that you are not sure you can search. You must know the important not the detail because in an small search you can answer what you are looking for”, but I remember to be dumb (I stuttered too) and go out as far as I can. And other times, I was thinking about tell them that no, that all was wrong and I don’t want to be a “pajillero” because I’m to old for that, and what they need is a young one with no knowledge about life.

I must say that in my research before not only knows who will be my interviewer, I read lot of reviews about the Company all of them not good about this kind of process and about the CEOs and all about “your future” on that Company (that’s was why my decision before the interview was to refuse work).

At least, it was funny to be dumb for a a bit and see how they look at me. But after a little time I was all angry, not with me, with how the process was and how of what they told me what was.

If you (yes, you) are reading this and have some questions about… you know, feel free to ask me… or not.

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