You will never see this on Spain

“20 dolars!. This is too much expensive”. That’s the sound you will ear, here, on Spain, when a medic talk to the goberment about this Diabetes type I fast test.

“If you want to know if you are diabetic, go to a private clinic for a very expensive test”, they will say to the medic. “This is how life works. But if you are a homeless you can go to the public hospital and wait, at least a couple of year to know it”, as last.

Yes, this is how now, Spain works. Pure liberals are the first to ban things that can take away the money to their businesses. They call himself liberals, but they are the most egoist and base their life in the objetivism. They love Atlas and always talk about “the effort culture” but not knowing what this means.

This is Spain, where, if you give more money to I+D (Investment and Development) you will be this scientific that have made this prototipe who can save lives or at least, help people to live better if they know that are diabetic before.

But this is not correct, they preffer make money for himselfs and let the others die don’t thinking that they are part of the society that they are killing. Because they are egoist.

For you, it’s cheap, for a liberal it’s lot of money that will not put in their pocket.

Link: Engadget

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