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I’m not usually talk about politics in this blog but, everyone who knows me can tell you that I always talk about politic and politics.

Everyone who knows me can tell you what policy position I have. But when I write on my blogs I usually tell you about the social point of it.

As you know there’s one person, here on Spain, called Pablo Iglesias who now (as all here in Spain) you like it or you hate it. As you know Spanish people move on in only one of this two terms. Middle of Spain hate Pablo Iglesias and the other middle love it (yes it).

When you ear Pablo on their usually interviews on TV, blogs, radio or whatever you will always ear/read the same. Yes, that’s a problem, he always centre all in the same ideas and, if you ask him another him he will wring the answer to return to his old speech.

At least, every thing he said it’s the same. And it works before, but not now (at least with me).

But, why is he always saying the same?. Well I have some theories.

One of them it’s that he is obsessed. Obsessed?, yes. I wrote on other blogs than this (lots of) one of them it’s about something I something that I was really hooked but with time, I left: Apple.

So after been a Mac evangelist and all this shit, now I hate Apple and, I want others to remove the bandages in order to abandon their obsession about Apple. So, if you read the blog you can see always the same three speech and I wring the post to finish with the same. This can be happen to Pablo too. This is the white colour.

Other theory it’s that he doesn’t have any more. Yes, that’s all people, it’s an empty person. He only knows this and he can only repeat the same every time. So, after he has burnt all his cartridges, it’s empty. So it’s just time to drop. This is the black colour and this is what every one who at first time love Pablo now they hate him.

Of course there will be some medium tones. It can be that he is repeating this because it’s something (this speech) that dip on people very easy (people is dumb, me too) and need the same one time and another all time to understand it (or at least to make it their). Or maybe it have another thinking head (I don’t think he is it) who is not as smart than it thinks who it’s telling to repeat the same, maybe because the thinking head it’s the same who help other political parties and handles everything from the shadows (paranoid mode). At least, that’s true and it’s called an economical lobby.

But, for now, I prefer to see Pablo and think on it not in political terms but in social terms. It’s more interesting, because when he met “the lobby” he will be the same than others and it will occurs in a small period of time. And, if it’s not him, it will be those who are under him, which will be influenced. Everyone have his price some more lower than other.

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