Today we open a “fair” to so-called gurus ebe11. A fair where all blogger, twitterer and other famous family that wants to be meets to try to learn (or so they say) of the most famous gurus Spanish blogosphere.

But in reality it is a place where we can find two types of characters:

1. Those who are truly rich, those who talk about the 2.0 but they do not understand that. Vendors of smoke we all know.
2. Those who make so-called “asshole licking” to the above, repeating those phrases that say it all at once but do not say anything in their social speakers.

As in society, this is a reflection of social status where a person is the leader of the pack and the rest trying to thank them laugh (in future) have their own herd of sycophants who lick her asshole.

So, if you go there for drinks and are a GGG (Great Guru Gorron) Do not listen to anything that they simply tell you is … smoke.

And of course, that explains things to you that you really taking your money. While some do so obviously (we know some gentlemen) that is really sad to be going to these extremes.

You are warned.

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