All are the same

It’s funny to see, and from what I’ve learned that when you get to have some political power, you become just like those who already have it. From my experience in a couple of places (oh yeah, I’ve been brushing my other work also with such persons) of senior politicians in certain well-known institutions have learned that there is something, something up there, when you get there you change completely.

Power. Power corrupts and it is true. I’ve seen people with ideals, good ideals, good suggestions and great things to do for society and its environment become miserable, and fiddle with influences. I’ve seen people change their thinking by and for others to think for and their interests, when they have reached as high.

And you can do with the protests of # 15m. Although, as a friend told me, is a recurring from time to time by the youth, get the same result through the political system is corrupt. Attentive to corrompre, not this corrupt.

Without wishing to compare, although many have done, the similarities with Turkey, Egypt, Libya and Greece are even close to the surface. Everyone complains about the same problem: the company is not going well and the distribution of poverty (careful, do not say wealth) is not equal. And all governments have done the same: first ignore, then worry to end fighting repulsed.

The only difference between the different governments have been only a matter of time. Some have taken less and others have taken longer, simply. Hence, to think that # 15m a matter of time before the government (or governments) become aggressive against them.

It’s funny how when a politician wants to climb faster in their career, the first thing I promise is to listen to everyone equally. Big, small, women, men, blacks, whites, yellow … to minorities. So I am surprised as the # 15m is nothing but a large minority group with their particular problem shouting in the air.

And no, they don’t want to hear.

But my personal experience, I discovered that the fault lies not with politicians but of those around them. Are the ones who do get into that spiral stupid navel-gazing (read advisers will say that they are a Ninis # 15m) while still exploiting and sucking the system.

These thousands of advisers, friends and family filled with favors that there is the color that is politics. Dangerous snake style that puts the politician in a campaign that does not know how valuable a coffee.

So some say that this movement is against politicians, against the system, unparalleled anarchy. No, it goes against you, the surrounding of the leeches that are slowly sucking the blood without being noticed until the patient (the country) has no more blood to give. Those who have little to compel the political shift to start the “battle” to “throw the protesters’ … because it is difficult for the politician, which is like a drug addict and can not leave advisers, decontaminate and return to its principles, to want to help all those around him.

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