After the tsunami in Japan, the important thing for the world is not helping the victims but to be in favor or against the nuclear issue.

I’m not going to get into a stupid argument, though I must indicate that I favor nuclear power.

Simply indicates that it eliminates what people are afraid. The fact is that most simply do not understand antinuclear how a nuclear power plant. Speak from hearsay and only see “dangers. ”

I do not understand that if you know your enemy, you know how it works and really understand it and maybe what you think is wrong is not.

All I can tell, my little wisdom and my desire to have learned how a nuclear plant inside, is that the world increasingly demands more energy. The evolution is linked to increased energy needs and to meet this demand there are two ways to spend less and create more energy.

And when you create more energy, more possibilities there are problems as with nuclear power plants. “The creation of more energy each time will have more risk but no I do not think that we should not assume the contrary. Humans are the only animal (we know) that evolves adapting and taking risks.

Accept that each new thing that we will have more risks not only will make us more cautious, but ready and teach us to make better use everything we have. Do not take those risks is not to evolve.

With these problems in Japan, and new plants built to be built will be much safer and cleaner.

Of course, if the fission these problems exist with society, I do not imagine with the merger, when they see it is to have a miniature sun.

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