Vaccines and stupid people

These days I have found many blogs about a new movement of fat people as stupid as dedicated to say no to vaccines. This made me think about what assholes, idiots and all obtuse of mind that begins to be people.

Because in this world so full of information, it is important, as is watching television, have a good filter on the head to remove the deadwood of the real. The people we are moving well on these sites (networks) usually have the filter, more or less, well placed and are able to discern when a madman telling ideas after a binge when good information and taken contrasted with technical data.

But the majority of new recruits or incorporated later unable to distinguish go blind looking straight at the sun and this gives you a superhuman power, are becoming the new cannon fodder for new idiots.

Idiots, thanks to its supine ignorance but its good to talk (like me), convincing with his words of the greatest nonsense that man has ever seen. Being followed by thousands of idiots who, for vageza and lots of information, are not able to verify the information and have a very necessary thing: ideas.

Therefore, it seems easier to follow these gods of good words and perform their acts “rebels. ” Example, do not get vaccinated against influenza to be “highly ineffective and cause more harm than cure”, or the new trend of not vaccinating children and has been shown that it is worthless.

I will not put me more angry at this situation, which, fortunately, left plenty in the world. But what these people who pull the bridge, do not know is that their stupid acts based on … nothing … impact on the rest of society.

They learn that being a vegetarian, environmentalist, different, radical is not the same as being ready. Many of the actions that people make are scientifically … stupid.

Hence, people with a bit of “power ” or, as they say, fans … those we call leaders, are trying to refocus and re-educate this type of mob, which I think are lost.

But no more foolish than that which, being a fool, does not cease to be.

Link: CNN

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