Do you want to show you my friend?

That is life and curious people, because with time and rubbing really discover what many are and not trying to be. For example, people who go through life as a bastion of freedom, independence and accept the criticism, basically want nothing more than to hear his voice and the same tune.

And that is when a star is usually a star. Everyone has a bad side, a party does not like. But the good thing is to accept it and exploit it and correct it within the parameters that we like.

That is, if you accept what you do not like about you (or what is against “your principles”) you will be able to guide you to what you’d like.

Ie (2), if you have a problem, the first is to accept it. If they accept, go bad.

But that’s what happens to many people, not accepted and do not like criticism. He does not like to hear that is bad and wrong because it does not want to face “it. ” Hence, this kind of people will surround himself with players like that never tell you their flaws, thus making them much larger.

That evil is the human being, which is … human.

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