Google Acid

Time ago I go out from a place where people like to lick someones bottom. But, that’s not the real problem. The real problem with places like this is based on education and the immutable.

Thinking differently or run differently is something I do not understand and therefore reject it. It is a kind of xenophobia.

Yes, where you think people will not be xenophobic it’s the best place where they are. Incredible?, no.

Since I’ve become older I’ve noticed that many use a double falsehood, a double standard. Before I did not think or did not want to believe I was so close to the skin, but time has put me in my place.

The strange thing is that the double standard makes use adjectives or qualifications completely beside himself. Lies that are repeated to believe truth. Lies that serve to relax the soul and soothe the mind.

But this is not the problem, but who really believe without a shred of criticism. The criticism is hard and more if one’s self.

Hence, many people do not like my writing, sour, ironic, looking for the reaction of the mind, wondering what you think is right, always putting me “on the opposite side. ” Or as they say, using Google without knowledge … What do you know if I do not know?.

Thanks for showing me what they really are, people are not educated coated rude.

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