Small world

World is very small. You never know who is knocking at your door or you never think who is next to you.

And, if you join it with “internet is small” you will know that privacy doesn’t exists.

Yes, a few Google searches, a few Twitter search, a few Facebook search and you will know what others are working… and the best, what their “boss” tell to without been there.

Maybe the reason of this is that you not only control Social Media, you know how it works inside. Not only know using Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Blogs (no link here, sorry too much services) you are a Social Manager. Maybe it’s interesting know what and how. But… who cares.

Maybe, and I say, maybe it can be useful for been know on the politic world but you tell others things that they want to ear.

Or maybe, the boss does not trust who is below and tells him things. But the leader relies on people in the street instead of inside. We want to be evil, or so he thinks.. the history comes back, again.

World is so small, so small in the communication era.

Edit: I have forgot the photo, sorry.

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  1. Technology can make it bigger…as in the photo…wide angles lenses do the trick…


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