September 2010

Ok, it’s only a personal idea. And, as a personal idea will be wrong at all. After the strike, I have read lot of comments who help me to make […]

Music Sleepyhead – Passion Pit. I like this song.

Fonts. Fonts are the base of a good design. A bad font choice can ruin a design. So, here’s 70 thin fonts that can help us. Link: webdesignerdepot

Small world

World is very small. You never know who is knocking at your door or you never think who is next to you. And, if you join it with “internet is […]

Cheap, only 7.600 euro. Too little autonomy, 96 km. It’s only for city. Yes, I’m looking for my next bike, because I need to improve… always. Link: Brammo

Because games are so real than life…