All remains the same

Time ago, there’s one way to be different if you have a press webpage. Be the first of. Yes, be the first of saying a notice was very important. People who see web newspapers or information webpages think that a great work was the first who say something.

For example, today, in world soccer game, Spain wins the match. Time ago, the best web will be the first to have it on first page. But now, all say it just after the match finish.

So, what’s your difference?, what make you more important or best than others?. Well, all say the same thing. With the same words. The same. So seen “El País” or seen “El Mundo” or seen the local newspaper “El Norte de Castilla” remains the same. There’s no difference, no one are the best.

What should I do to continue to stand the first?. As a friend say, opinion. Yes, the difference or what people will read your web it’s for what you say than the other says. Ok, I know, Spain wins. Ok, I know, whatever I read, Spain wins with a goal from one player (who I don’t know). But if you read them there are “clean” information. Press has always tried to be impartial, and that maybe will be the difference. If one web, one newspaper say something different, something personal, the editor tells us something assistants rely on it, a personal review. Maybe, this will win.. today.

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