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Time ago I was looking for a new video camera that fit into what I need now.

Of course I have a video camera but now, after lot of time with Final Cut Studio, searching, looking what others do I have find that my actual video camera it’s something… well.. small.

So I need a semipro video camera. But, as you know or if you don’t know I tell you, a semipro video camera (Sony, Canon…) it’s about 4000 euros. Too much for me.

Too much because semipro cameras are huge, so I can’t go with everywhere and because the need “some kind” of extras, like a nice tripod, a curious microphone, lens… and all things around.

That why I was using my actual photo camera that writes video (HD) but it’s not good as I need (like you can see on my Christmas video).

But today there’s an anounce of Panasonic with a new semipro camera who will be in a low profile and (I think) I can buy without problems. There will be a low semipro video camera but… it will fit… for now.

Via: US Gizmodo


  1. Has leido lo de la temporada final de House M.D.? la han filmado con eos 5d mark ii


  2. Si, pero quiero una micro 3/4 que será más pequeña. Ademas, filmar con una cámara de fotos no… recuerda, cada problema requiere su herramienta.


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