Gazon in jail

It’s simple. Garzon is a judge with a certain political slant to the left in a world where judges are right.

I will not get in if you are doing well or doing poorly in some respects because I do not quite agree with, but in most cases is doing pretty well.

And is that Spanish bi-partisan politics, when a rule from the outside, the other must be rewarded. From there they left to rule dispenses justice the right.

And so, with all the corruption that is appearing, the corrupt right are out of roses … life

A Garzon, the judge, he had really wanted the other leaders of the opposing party. So, feeling it was going to fuck. And not because he is, but to punish the ruling political establishment and, above all, to show strength.

But come on, the reasons and we all know. Indicate the amnesty law of 76, indicating that removing the past, state of war crimes, state trespass, indicate what you want the common people than just the issue of political balance.

And that reason. Chickens coming out for the chickens.

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