April 2010

The NeB Magazine (Noir et Blank website) has invited me to his social photographer network thanks to my Black and White photos. Of course it’s a honor to join in […]

This is not a normal documental, is a documental filmed like a film… that’s the difference.

Yes, life is B&W… of course, more on my photoblog or on Flickr.

Next week I must go as a keynote maker on my work because we will take a new hope about the forgotten iTunes U project. So, as a “professional” I […]

Another intro for another podcast… I like to try with tint plugin and blur because you can find something interesting. This intro is not complete it need something more… but […]

Time ago I was looking for a new video camera that fit into what I need now. Of course I have a video camera but now, after lot of time […]