Types of light

Photo from Andrew Dunn

There’s an old enemy (or friend) that any photographer must know, the light. Light it’s the most important “thing” to think in a real photograph one.

It’s very important to know who light works (either in physics term that in a composite terms) to make at least a good photo. It’s know for everybody (and if you are one of these who tells everybody that is a great photograph and “shell” your work) how “light works” or at least they have read it or ear it everywhere (wave-particle duality) but that doesn’t mind that you know what really light is.

So, in the world there’s too much different types of light and knowing all it’s near impossible. Only great and famous photographs know a little about some of them. But now, digital cameras (and analogic ones too) have some tricks to work with light and do their best when you take a shot on bad conditions. Every camera have at least 40 years of “light technology” inside. But doesn’t mind that you know how it works.

But talking about light, two of my favorites kind of lights are the morning light (dawn) and the sunrise light. This light have a great help because are closely to be parallel to the photograph and are very easy to polarize if you need it. And, one of their best thinks are that when they reboot with the atmosphere, they took this great color from “white” to “red”. It’s like magic.

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