February 2010

As an old petition from someone above me from another company I have “retake” the iPhone Develop podcast that I do time ago. It will be nice to be the […]

Download the best mobile ringtone of the world “Numelo 8” for iPhone.

Nice album. Bassoonism (iTunes Link). The Drunken Sailor variations is one of the best I have ever ear.

Seen on Faq-mac (sorry, link in spanish).

It’s curious. On the iTunes U site of my work I have do the most downloaded podcast. It’s about iMovie and it’s nothing special. So, I was thinking about do […]

This is part of a small podcast about OSX Server (sorry is in spanish) that I made for the Canal #Mac. Maybe, later it will be on the iTunes U […]

In days like today, where you come from a course and can see the world (where you work) from the outside you usually change your mind in a Patricio’s way. […]