February 2010

A nice photographer webpage… a true photographer webpage, nor others than I know. Link: imable

There’s situations where is more important be fast than be a good photographer. One of this situation is making sport photos. Sport photos are very complicated for only one reason. […]

Ads for the time.

Before going to bed because I’m very tired, I have proceed to clean Facebook from all my old contacts, people who have not accept invitation or stupid groups that I […]

Nice. Now Apple is fast. The AppStore process is so fast. Time ago it will take two weeks or so, but now it seems to be three two days or […]

I like rainy days, yes, I like them. A rainy day it’s the best day for take some photos. Yes, of course, you will get wet but you will have […]

That’s the status… waiting for review. How long it will take?… none knows.