When you don’t are like others are

This post is not only for me, it’s for other person who I know that have the same problem.

In this world you must be like all. Be different it’s complicated because others don’t like different things. Be different means be different.

For these reason others doesn’t understand different ones and usually try to make be sad speaking bad words and telling things that no one want to ear.

There’s no guilty for been different. We are different but, we like to be different. If you don’t like different ones because you want to be all time the same, please don’t look at us and.. of course, don’t encourage us to be like you. We don’t wanna be like you, we wanna be like us, we don’t wanna be like the majority. That’s our guilty, don’t be like the majority and, of course, that is what make us special.

Special for think in other things. Special for look the world with other eyes. Special for sense things that you will never thought can be sense. Special for be different. Special for been like us.

I don’t like when you cry to different ones because you don’t understand why we are in this way because you must thing that you are hurting on our feelings… and at least… we are humans… like you.

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